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Sex Working
THERAPIST Support Group

a donation based monthly virtual support group for therapists & mental health professionals 

Target Audience

Sex Working Therapists who feel unseen in traditional therapist communities.

Therapists who push traditional boundaries and are ostracized for their engagement with personal or professional sexuality (ie: kinky, queer, non-monogamous therapists).

Therapists seeking community and space to process the work, their self reflection in the work and challenges arising from identity related conflicts or fears. 

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Hosted by Angie Gunn
LCSW, CST,CSTS  |  Founder of ECC

Hi friends. I’m Soleil (She/ they). I used to be Angie but that name never suited my relationship to my skin suit, my gender, or my being. I’m a licensed clinical social worker, AASECT certified sex therapist and supervisor, group facilitator (educational & play spaces), and sex worker (domme, full service & digital). 

In this group we will cover:

Do you do both sex work and therapy/ social work/ counseling? How do you navigate both?

Are you focused on the needs and expressions of  marginalized sexuality groups? Do you struggle with the limits around your role in personal expression and professional presence?

Being a person and a therapist, being a sex worker and a healer,
the differences in the work and the overlaps.

Working with Laptop at Home

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Next Meeting Date: SEPTEMBER 27 from 5:00-6:30pm Pacific


Thank you for registering! Check your email for important details.

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