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Therapists’ work requires deep presence and authenticity with clients, but rarely do they find that space for themselves. Supervision should be more than a place to vent about clients, explore clinical strategies or ensure you’re abiding by ethical guidelines. It’s your anchor to surviving the work, being an integrated person in the work, confronting internal and professional dissonance, and building sustainable well-being for all the parts of you. 


Supervision with me is uncensored and unfiltered. We explore truths about the work, the systemic oppression confronted and replicated in the work, and the difficulties with being both achingly human and a helper. 


My colleagues and supervisees are the outcasts themselves; gender & sexually diverse therapists (kinky, queer, non-monogamous, SWers), neuro-expansive folks and those struggling with the impact of other oppressed identities in the work.


I am first and foremost decolonizing and anti oppressive in my framework, I don’t believe gate keeping through professional associations and licensure speaks to someone’s skill or capacity in the work. But I believe in the value of training, supervision, and credentialing for the purpose of creating a baseline of provider skill and easier access to care for clients.  I will comply with licensing boards and sign documentation as validation of hours, but I ask supervisees to assist with ensuring they (and I) are completing the correct forms and tracking their own deadlines for submission. 

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Meet Your Supervisor

Angie Gunn
Founder of ECC

Hi friends. I’m Soleil (She/ they). I used to be Angie but that name never suited my relationship to my skin suit, my gender, or my being. I’m a licensed clinical social worker, AASECT certified sex therapist and supervisor, group facilitator (educational & play spaces), and sex worker (domme, full service & digital). 

Our Values

  • Anti-oppression work happens at every level of the work, in every aspect. Dismantling systems while surviving within them means community and collective well-being comes before capitalism or identity based self protection 

  • The provider (therapist/ counselor/ healer) is a person first, a caregiver second.

  • The provider’s well-being is individualized, multi-faceted and expansive

  • The pathway to well-being is somatic awareness, presence, self compassion and authenticity with yourself

  • Incorporating intergenerational histories, stories about the work, and our own journey to the work into approaches to well-being.

  • Integrating all the parts of someone (trauma, neurodivergency, personality, creativity, strengths and resources) to help build sustainable self care practices

  • Holding the impact of oppression and navigating marginalized identities when exploring systemic and personal challenges in the work.

  • Collective action, mutual aid and community building as anchors for well-being, moving out of hero complex/ radical individualist business and professional approaches

  • Balancing the necessity to engage in capitalism, while challenging the harmful aspects of the system and dreaming of new ways of navigating it towards equity and well-being for all

  • Centering each person’s lived experience and perspective as meaningful, challenging power dynamics and privileged identities by utilizing a flexible and collaborative group model

  • Equity in access to training, support and community building 

  • Supporting the fullest expansion of skills and presence in the work, identifying barriers to success (emotional, structural, financial etc) and strategies to move through it 

  • Identify strategies for utilizing their own sexual power, expression and well-being to enhance their work and professional presence 

Let’s Work Together

We are offering:

  • Individual Clinical Supervision (LCSW, LPC, AASECT, other)

  • Group Supervision & Collaboration 

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