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Pre-Registration for Complete Course

We're so excited to provide this offering and look forward to working with each of you. The first cohort will begin July 2023 and includes 22 CE hours of sex work-centered content. We currently only have 25 spots open for the first cohort but you can pre-register for future cohorts, as well.


The curriculum includes:

Course #1: Who are sex workers?
Course #2: Sex work as work: a historical context 
Course #3: Systemic oppression & SW
Course #4: Anti-SW propaganda & colonialism  
Course #5: What’s the difference between SW and trafficking?
Course #6: Why abolition & decriminalization?
Course #7: Trauma & SW 
Course #8: Systemic oppression in mental health 
Course #9: Clinical needs for sex workers
Course #10: Role of community
Course #11: SW & Parenting

If you'd like to pre-register as an organization or group of 10 or more, please email us at to register for 25% off!


ACCESSIBILITY: If you are experiencing financial hardship we offer an equity rate for those seeking CEs, as well as a limited amount of FULL scholarships for those seeking professional development (no CE's). Apply here for our equity rate ($375) or a scholarship. The equity rate & scholarships are only available to QTGNC Black, Indigenous, people of color.

All of our courses will include live captioning. If further accessibility tools are required please do not hesitate to reach out!

Select enrollment level ($)

Thanks for registering! We'll be in touch soon.

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