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Values and Principles













Centering voices, art, and thinking by sex workers. Inclusive of every type of work, featuring experiences and diverse perspectives of industry folks of complex identities 


Intersectionality minded, inclusive of all identities and intentional about honoring the interactions between the identities and the work


Equity minded—aware of and correcting for the disproportionate harm experienced in therapy by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans, non-binary, fat, and folks with disabilities in the industry 


Honor the complexity of the work, the various iterations, and the different experiences of  oppression, stigma and mental health challenges as a result (confronting classism, whorephobia, whorearchy, heteronormativity, transphobia, ableism, racism, sexism and misogyny)


Accessibility for all professionals who may work with folks in the industry (including free offerings for students and new professionals, and services which are accessible for differing abilities) 


Whole person perspective, non- pathologizing of the work, emphasize empowering folks in the work, supporting autonomy and expansion for all the parts of them. Decriminalization and a liberation perspective underlies all the work we do. 


Support the creation of a pathway for integration of sex worker well-being and care into all medical/ counseling/ healing spaces. Providing a space for healing from harm done in the medical/ mental health system.


Anti-Colonial perspective— dismantling white supremacy, systemic racism and oppression within the healthcare/ mental health systems, creating a community based model for healing and supporting long term sustainability and well-being

Sex affirming and gender expansive, we call out the impact of homophobia and transphobia in our communities and ourselves.

Holding space for the nuances of experiences of those in the work including shame, joy, fear, empowerment, dehumanization or ambivalence.


Providing extensive training opportunities by collaborating with other experts in the field, and those in the industry, as well as those who’ve worked with them successfully. Honoring sex workers as the original teachers, healers, sex therapists and educators; centering their voices and experiences as professional, valid and integral to the every healing role. 

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