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For the purposes of this certification, when we say sex work we mean all iterations including: Adult Performers & Content Creators in porn, clips, & film, Cam Performers, Dancers, Street Based Sex Work, Full Service, Phone Sex, Pro-Domme/Dom work, Erotica Writers, Educators, Toy Reviewers, Distributors & any others we may have missed!


  • Because oppression has pushed sex work into the margins for a millenia, those in the industry face identity based oppression compounded and exacerbated by other identity traits (ie: being black, brown, trans, fat, queer, or disabled.

  • Because the shame, moralism and fear mongering around sexuality impacts the well-being, safety, and livelihood of the humans choosing to work in the largest industry in the world.


  • Because sex work is not sex trafficking, and sexual assault is reduced in communities where sex work is decriminalized.


  • Because the sexualization of younger humans/ bodies is a cultural problem, a media problem, and a global problem- the consenting adult performers in sex work are not responsible, and should not be penalized for it. 


  • Because criminalization has made access to mental health care, legal support, and other care, sometimes impossible.


  • Because adult industry leaders have struggled to prioritize the well-being of performers.


  • Because everyone should have access to safe, harassment free, accessible work, mental health, and medical care.


  • Because the care fields continue to evolve and change, making space for diverse humans, and yet has made few strides to create equity for those in the industry.


  • Because the work isn’t going away, but attracting a wider audience of future practitioners in more and more diverse ways.

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