For the purposes of this certification, when we say sex work we mean all iterations including:

Adult Performers & Content Creators in porn, clips, & film

Cam Performers


Street Based Sex Work

Full Service

Phone Sex

Pro-Domme/Dom work

Erotica Writers

Educators, Toy Reviewers, Distributors

& any others we may have missed!


Marketing for candidates (collaboration with local organizations to identify professionals/ organizations to train).

Bi-weekly calls with all current attendees and a moderator, checking for comprehension and providing discussion space.

Screening and enrolling candidates, interface support and introduction to certification.

Long term coaching/ mentoring and discussion group space is available for all alumni.

Candidates watch pre-recorded content and complete required quizzes and journal entries.

Resources and tools for alumni are stored and available digitally, including tools for taking the learning back into their organizations and communities.

Upon completion of the entire course, candidates go before a panel of sex workers and professionals to answer hypothetical questions/ scenarios to demonstrate competency, or if accommodations are needed— a written assignment is an option.



  • Because oppression has pushed sex work into the margins for a millenia, those in the industry face identity based oppression compounded and exacerbated by other identity traits (ie: being black, brown, trans, fat, queer, or disabled.

  • Because the shame, moralism and fear mongering around sexuality impacts the well-being, safety, and livelihood of the humans choosing to work in the largest industry in the world.


  • Because sex work is not sex trafficking, and sexual assault is reduced in communities where sex work is decriminalized.


  • Because the sexualization of younger humans/ bodies is a cultural problem, a media problem, and a global problem- the consenting adult performers in sex work are not responsible, and should not be penalized for it. 


  • Because criminalization has made access to mental health care, legal support, and other care, sometimes impossible.


  • Because adult industry leaders have struggled to prioritize the well-being of performers.


  • Because everyone should have access to safe, harassment free, accessible work, mental health, and medical care.


  • Because the care fields continue to evolve and change, making space for diverse humans, and yet has made few strides to create equity for those in the industry.


  • Because the work isn’t going away, but attracting a wider audience of future practitioners in more and more diverse ways.